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Why the Adventure Series? We created this for those souls who love the feel of the outdoors while running the trails. Those same folks who might also have to go shopping and want a secure vehicle when you lock it.

The Adventure Series is open-air and secure. The best part is that you don't have to cut up your Jeep for a permanent change. Installation in less than an hour without drilling or cutting. The kit is entirely bolt-on! 

Because we made the kit bolt-on, we engineered spacing around all those bits that would otherwise get removed or hacked to create a weather tight seal. Installed correctly after watching our installation video, you shouldn't fear the rain, but don't go through the car wash! Forecast calling for rain this week? Remove the kit in about an hour too.

Made of 3/16 Marine grade aluminum, you can mount that kayak rack or fishing rod holder without worrying about the panel rusting.

Now you will have to decide if you want the bare aluminum version and paint the parts yourself or get them already powder coated in a UV resistant textured black.

We are a Veteran Operated company. Made in the USA.